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Canada's Best Weed

Looking for the fire.  That gas.  The real rapper weed?  We are your choice for Canada’s highest quality genetics.  We don’t flip packs, we grow exotic genetics to their max potential.   Years of pheno hunting and battling for the premier traits has given our team the knowledge for what’s best and it shows in our end product.   It doesn’t get better than CAKED Cannabis and you will taste and feel it with every puff.  Our decades of cultivar experience ensures we bring our original and unique genetics to their full potential that posses the traits we all desire. When you spark CAKED you know what it is, and that’s love for the plant. 

CAKED Cannabis products do not go on sale, and you will not find these genetics anywhere else on the planet. As new fire is located, we switch up the menu, so don’t sleep on our limited drops, cop yours now.  


We’re now open for nation wide delivery.

Enjoy a free 3 pack of CAKED pre rolled joints with your first order.  AAAA buds busted up, no sticks, no stems, no bullshit.