Pre Rolls

Canada's Best Pre Rolled Joints

Canada’s best pre rolled joints.  We take pre rolls seriously, even in an industry where it seems like were the only ones.  We don’t give you shake. No sticks. No stems.  These are hand packed, high quality prerolls made with real quality buds.   No bottom of the bag BS, straight fire rolled up with the finest buds from our small batch grows.  When you spark up a CAKED joint you can do so knowing that a cannabis connoisseur was at the production level of that joint ensuring only the best buds were rolled up.  We take our weed seriously, and you’re going to see that after the first time you light up a doob from Canada’s best brand in in the business.  Seriously, test us. 

CAKED Cannabis products do not go on sale, and you will not find these genetics anywhere else on the planet. As new fire is located, we switch up the menu, so don’t sleep on our limited drops, cop yours now.


We’re now open for nation wide delivery.

Enjoy a free 3 pack of CAKED pre rolled joints with your first order.  AAAA buds busted up, no sticks, no stems, no bullshit.