Slurmintz Magma


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This Slurricane and Platinum Kush Mints cross brings only the best features of each strain into the mix.  The smell is a slight minty aroma with a touch of berry and skunk.  It’s buds are laced thick with shiny little trichomes and when you crack open one of these dense nugs, a snowscape appears.  The effect hits first in the front of the skull like a thick haze and as it settles in the brain for an absolute state of comfort and euphoria.  The smoke tastes as the aroma does but with a slight bit more skunk.  Be prepared for someone to find the smell floating their way and then asking for a hit.  This bud is best smoked while sitting on a yacht in English Bay.

Our cold cure hash rosin is extracted from only living soil grown buds, freshly frozen at the peak of their potential to preserve the fullest terpene profile we all crave.  The cured hash rosin is for the heavy hitters, or those who want to experience a 28 day cured, aged flower – much like the terpene profile of the cured flower


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Enjoy a free 3 pack of CAKED pre rolled joints with your first order.  AAAA buds busted up, no sticks, no stems, no bullshit.