Mimosa Carts


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  • 510 Thread Cartridges
  • 500mg of Magma: Cold cure hash rosin
  • Mimosa strain

Mimosa is a crowd favorite and we can see why.  This fruity blast tastes exactly how it sounds with potentially the most distinguishable flavonoid and terpene profile of any cannabis strain. CAKED out completely, enjoy massive buds covered in THC with a balance between purple and green hues.  Mimosa is the brain child of Purple Punch and Clementine.  Both fruity and tangerine flavors combine to create the Sunday mimosa taste to a tee.

Happy, energetic, uplifting, relaxed and focused are a few of the reasons why Mimosa makes the perfect option for a mid-day smoke and to enhance those social situations.  This makes Mimosa an easy choice for beginners looking to achieve the potential of quality THC without the burnout or laziness that comes with other strains. Get through your day and stay upbeat for anything life throws at you with a smile on your face when you enjoy the effect of organic Mimosa cannabis.

Type of Weed: Sativa


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