MAC 1 Magma


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This star child takes the beloved effects of MAC and raises the bar with a super lifted effect that will have you heading to the skies. The buds smell of rich sour diesel with a sweetness that is accented by a slight vanilla and a touch of citrus. The high hits visually first with a warmth around the eyes, a wave of happiness slides over you. Once the cerebral buzz sets, it pushes forward into a buzzing body high, keeping you attached to earth but with your mind in Alpha Centauri. The aroma is strong with this one; Pungent flavour wafts will make your neighbors angry or jealous. These buds have thick, rounded dark green nugs with rich purple marble undertones and thick white crystal. Smoke this while eating lobster or with Elon Musk in a spaceship.

Our cold cure hash rosin is extracted from only living soil grown buds, freshly frozen at the peak of their potential to preserve the fullest terpene profile we all crave.  The cured hash rosin is for the heavy hitters, or those who want to experience a 28 day cured, aged flower – much like the terpene profile of the cured flower.


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Enjoy a free 3 pack of CAKED pre rolled joints with your first order.  AAAA buds busted up, no sticks, no stems, no bullshit.